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(no subject) [Jan. 8th, 2010|04:14 pm]
I had my semi annual cancer checkup on Tuesday.
The Doctor told me I was doing great and to come
back in a year. Yea!!!!
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(no subject) [Jul. 7th, 2009|12:36 pm]
I had a slight attack of empty nest syndrome a couple of days ago.
I will miss seeing Shawn and family on a regular basis.
I miss my kids coming in and out.
I'm gratefull that they come back off and on.
I enjoy my kids.

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Vacation [Jun. 4th, 2009|02:05 pm]
We have officially started our vacation.
I have to give the airlines credit for getting our
luggage here with us.
I have to grumble just a little. I cannot see efficiency
in flying from CC to Norfolk by way of Houston and Orlando.
It made it into an all day flight.
So far so good in our visit.
Even the dog licking my face at 4:00 this morning was pretty funny.

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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2009|11:07 am]
We had a little excitement this morning. We heard a crunching crashing noise. We (J. B and me)
converged in the front hall way to discover the metal book shelf in the den had keeled over. We had to pick up many books and tapes, bunches of papers, a broken plate and a cracked cat carrier. Luckily the cat was not in it at the time.
Now we will need to buy a new shelf unit because I don't think this one is trustworthy any more.

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(no subject) [Dec. 1st, 2008|01:21 pm]
I had my annual post cancer check up this morning.
Everything is good. I go back this time next year.

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(no subject) [Sep. 22nd, 2008|11:30 am]
Hello All,

I am currently in Jacksonville Florida taking care of my Grandchildren for a while.
Myria is coming home next month.
I am looking forward to hugging her and watching her hug her kids.
I will be checking my various e-mail accounts while I am here.

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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2008|09:44 pm]
We just got back from the shooting range. Patt gave lessons to Chelsey. She did real well for a first timer.
This was my first time at an indoor range. It's much noisier inside a building.
Shawn still has a very good eye, Patt does too of course, Chelsey did after a few rounds. I went through eleven rounds and improved as I went, so I am happy.
Tomorrow is our Monthly Cowboy Shoot. I will get lots of practice tomorrow night.

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2008 Trip Journal [Aug. 5th, 2008|10:57 am]
I finally started my trip journal for this years trip.
I hope it's not too boring. I'll just post a few days at a time.

Trip Journal 2008

May 31

We started our trip.
We left Corpus Christi around 10:45 a.m.
We received our first computer business phone call at 2:15. Someone from work almost always calls us while we are on vacation. We get a laugh out of it when it happens.
We stopped for lunch south of Houston at a place called Hinzes. They have very good bbq.
While we were leaving the restaurant we saw a big rig truck with a cat riding shotgun. He was hanging his head out the passenger side window.
We had supper in Baton Rouge Louisiana at Chick Filet'.
We spent the night in a motel in Picayune Mississippi.
We called our son Jesse and checked in.
As we drove today I remembered several thimgs I forgot to pack. That is normal for me.
I think of things for many miles that I had planned on bringing.
We saw a great bumper sticker on a trailer, it said " I GO WHERE I'M TOWED TOO''.
We saw our first Crawfish Farm in South East Texas.
In Louisiana we saw a boat named "Hunky Dori". We loved that name.

June 1

Today we drove across Mississippi, part of Georgia and into Tennessee.
We arrived at Patt's Mothers cousins house a little after 7:00 p.m. They live in Hixson Tennessee.
We ate a wonderful home cooked meal and played catch up on family information.
I checked my phone messages before I went to bed. I had received two phone calls from Jesse.
I called him back and answered his questions.

June 2

We slept in a little. All that driving wears a person out for some reason.
We got cleaned up and all had a good breakfast.
We sat around and visited for a while.
Just before 2:00 Carson and Patt left to do some running around jobs.
Marie and I left a few minutes later to do some running around jobs.
Marie and I got home again around 3:00. As we pulled in her niece pulled in. She had one of her granddaughters with her. They drove down from Kentucky to visit with us.
We all three visited and gathered things for lunch. The men finally made it home about ten minutes after we started eating.
After we all took turns working on family history. With their help I was able to add several more generations to our family file. We had a good time getting to know each other. This was the first time I had met Charlene and Tristan. We visited until late and then all headed for bed.

June 3

We all got up a little early this morning. Each of us had places to go.
We all packed out and went to Chattanooga for breakfast at Shoney's.
We each took our own vehicle because we were all going different places after breakfast. We had a good meal and then took pictures before we left for our various trips. We hated to see our time to visit come to an end. We enjoyed each other so much.
In Hixson they have road signs that say "LIMITED SITE DISTANCE". I don't remember ever seeing a sign like that before.
While Patt and I were still in Chattanooga we stopped at the Cemetery and took pictures of his Grandmothers marker and his cousins marker.
We saw a business in town called the "GARAGE MAHAL"
We saw some kind of weasel or martin cross the road after we got out into the country again. It walked across in slow motion not at all concerned that we were driving his direction. We of course slowed down and let him have right of way.
We stopped for lunch in Cumberland Kentucky.
We drove until we were about an hour away from our nieces house. We called her to tell her we were on the way. We found out we had the wrong address for her. She had moved and was closer than we thought. We finally found the house and started our visit. Ashley has a farm with a two bedroom house, a falling down barn, and several acres of land. She has three horses, two dogs, a cat, a parakeet and a boyfriend named J.T.
We arrived at her house around 4:00 p.m. We visited and took the walking tour of the grounds and house. We had supper and visited until 10:00. J.T. left for work and Patt and I stayed and visited with Ashley until time for bed. She gave us her bed and she slept on the couch. She has a huge couch so I think she was pretty comfy.
I checked my e-mail on Ashleys computer and found 88 new e-mails. I looked at few. It was late and we were tired.
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(no subject) [Jun. 7th, 2008|10:28 pm]
We are in Waldo Ohio tonight.
Our trip so far has been great.
I will write up a trip journal when we get back.

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Last of the Vacation Notes [Jul. 19th, 2007|06:37 pm]
I finally sat down and added the rest of my crib notes to the collection.
As we ride I pull out pen and paper and write down thoughts and sites as they come.
This is what I didn't include in the last posting.

Update Notes from our trip

On Hill AFB they have speed dip signs on the side of the road. Instead of a speed bump they have a v shaped groove cut in the streets.

In Utah there was a roadside sign for a restaurant the said "Please Don't Lick the Billboard".

In Salt Lake City there was crosswalk in the middle of the block, there was a barrel on each side of the street that contained orange flags on poles. Whenever a person crossed the street they would take a flag with them and place it in the barrel on the other side of the street.

I hit a new high on gas mileage in my car's tank. We filled up our tank in Ozona, Texas. We had driven 541.9 miles since the last fill up.

As we were driving back to Texas with Devon in the back seat, he asked "which one of you weighs more?" In his Mom's car he sits on the side behind the lightest driver.

Devon discovered I had back seat drink holders. I had never ridden in my own back seat so I didn't know the holders are in the center section of the seat. You pull the section down and there they are.

We drove 5,190 miles on our trip.

The least expensive gas we found was $2.81.9
The highest price we found was $3.39.9.

While we were on our trip we saw kamakazi rabbits, the one that ran in front of us we somehow missed.

We also saw Elk in a field,

We saw ostriches' on a ranch in Arizona. The ranch was called "The Rooster Cogburn Ranch".

We saw a millipede crossing the sidewalk at Carlsbad Caverns.

We experienced temperatures ranging from the mid fifties to 115* and humidity from 90% to 4%.

We saw a sign in Wilcox Arizona that said "Baskin Robbins 31 miles to 31 flavors".
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